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Getting Started

Mobile Phone Version


  • Check the identity of the third-party personel who become maintenance personel before being allowed access to inspect device.
  • Do not install, replace, or dismantle the device without verification from
  • Be aware of any suspicious actions toward the device. For example, and unknown person opens, disassambles, or replace a part of the device.
  • Report immediately to if there are suspicious actions such as indications of damage and or device replacement without verification to

Download Cashlez Application

  1. Choose Cashlez Application in Google Play or App Store.
  2. Press Install.

Reader Activation

image 1
    1.Card SwipeA place to swipe a non-chip debit/credit card.
    2.On/Off ButtonButton to turn on/off the card reader.
    3.Enter ButtonButton to approve/continue activity.
    4.Clear/Cancel ButtonButton to prevent changes from activity.
    5.Card Insert/Card ChipA place to dip debit/credit cards with chips.
  1. Activate the reader by pressing the Power button for a few moments.
  2. Check the mobile internet connection and make sure the internet/wifi data package is connected.