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Cashlez Terminal Adapter [Windows & Android]



Some of Our Merchants uses “Cashlez x Atome EDC”. It has a POS machine to post transactions and “Cashlez x Atome EDC '' is used separately. The Merchant's cashiers needs to input the transaction amount at Cashlez EDC, it will show Atome QR and the transaction is processed separately at EDC. To make it a better experience for the users, Atome requests to be able to connect POS and Cashlez EDC directly using cable. When selecting the payment method ‘Atome’, Cashlez EDC will receive parameters via cable and display QR payment and send back responses via cable.

This system will be called “Cashlez Terminal Adapter Windows” and this concept will be made generic for other Windows POS and for all payments supported by app-to-app concept. Gradually, Cashlez will implement the socket concept (wireless).