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Android SUNMI Source Development Kit



Use Case: Cashlez mPOS SDK
image 1

1.1 Summary

Cashlez SDK for Android is a library that allows you to accept payments in your application by leveraging Cashlez payment platform. This repository contains the SDK as well as a demo application allowing you to generate a simple payment screen and demonstrating how to use the SDK.

The following document describes the SDK integration mechanism for third party apps to use Cashlez SDK library and accept payment and how to install Cashlez SDK for Android in order to accept payments in your Android application. The integration allows Cashlez to service payment capabilities to third party apps without the need for it to be PCI DSS certified.

This type of integration requires the third-party app to include Cashlez SDK library inside. The third-party app invokes function, receives responses and listens to events from Cashlez SDK library to process payment. Below is a use case diagram of Cashlez MPOS SDK (Figure above).

1.2 Requirements

The SDK is available for Android that must have the following:

  1. Bluetooth version 2.0 or above
  2. Google Play service
  3. API 16 or Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  4. GPS

1.3 Supported Reader and Printer

The following are the supported readers and printers:

  1. Support printer and reader BBPOS