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Cashlez Link Specification



Cashlez always committed to providing the most secure, reliable and user-friendly payment processing solutions. By partnering with us for your payment processing needs, you can be confident that payment transactions will be processed quickly and efficiently, and your customers' information will be safe.

Cashlez Link one of our solutions to provide your customer the simplicity of doing their transaction wherever they are using not only card payment but other payment methods as well such as virtual account and ewallet.

This document is for a partner who wishes to integrate their payment using Cashlez especially for a partner who wishes their customer side apps or website to take payment from customers.


The following are some of the terms that are used in this document and their respective definitions.

APIApplication program interface; A set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.
Acquiring BankA bank or other financial institution that maintains the bank account for the merchant. Also referred to as a “Merchant Bank”.
Issuing BankA bank or other financial institution that issued customer card or any means of transaction.
AuthorizationWhen a purchase is made by a customer, the merchant requests an authorization from the customer’s card issuing bank. The actual authorization is provided by the customer’s card-issuing bank to confirm that the credit card account is in good standing and has sufficient funds to complete the purchase.
Card Not Present (CNP)A payment card transaction where the cardholder/card are not physically present for example, in an online or mail/telephone order sale
Card PresentA payment card transaction where the cardholder and payment card are both present. Sometimes referred to as a face-to-face transaction.
Core-ServiceCore Service of CzLink.
CzLink ServiceService of CzLink.
Mask PANDebit or Credit Card Number which are masked.
MerchantBusiness and or companies that are registered to Cashlez readers.
ReaderTransaction device which is able to read, communicate and process transaction data from chip card.
TransactionAn activity between merchant with customers of exchanging products and or service with money (cash and non-cash) and recorded with supporting proof
MIGSMasterCard Payment Gateway Service